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Getting Through The Heartache

After I broke up with my girlfriend of nearly ten years, I realized that I needed a little help to recover. I was having a difficult time managing my feelings, and I was really angry inside. Instead of taking out my frustrations in an unhealthy way, I decided to talk to my therapist about learning self help techniques. She walked me through a few different ways that might help me to relax when things got tough, and it really helped. Because of those tips, I was able to completely heal emotionally from the breakup and meet someone new. Check out this blog for more information about why self help techniques are helpful.

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If you are raising daughters, you are in for some

Encouraging Your Daughters To Improve Their Self Worth

If you are raising daughters, you are in for some wonderful adventures! You are also preparing women for tomorrow's world. If you want to raise daughters that are positive influences and who are women who make a difference in the world, here are some ideas for you.

Share A History Of Your Own Personal Strength - From the time your girls are very young, tell them stories of your own life that illustrate your own strengths or how you have faced moments of weakness. Help them to learn that, even though it might not be apparent today, you have conquered struggles along the way. For example, if you had trouble learning how to ride a bike, share how you persevered until you mastered that skill. If your child is struggling in a particular class at school, share what your weakest class was and how you worked until you succeeded. Have a framed motto in each of their bedrooms that says, "I can do hard things." 

Show Your Daughters How Little Things Can Make A Difference - Things like integrity, gratitude, and service are all part of being great women. Explain to your daughters that you'd rather see a failing grade on a report card than an A that came from cheating on a test. Set an example of gratitude in small ways. For example, if you go into a public restroom that is particularly clean, thank the manager for providing a nice place for people to use. When you leave a fast food restaurant, surprise the cooking staff by thanking them for the good meal. Show service in acts of kindness during your entire day. If you see an elderly person approaching the entrance to a building, take the time to hold the door open and to wish that individual a pleasant day. Your daughters will notice every little thing you do, and they will incorporate it into their own lives.

Tell Them About Women Who Made A Difference - Share the Bible story of Esther who literally saved her people by speaking up at the right time. Watch the movie The Miracle Worker that tells the story of two great women. No matter how hard it was, Anne Sullivan never gave up on her student, Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf. Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind person to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree when she attended Radcliffe College. She went on to become an educator and an author. Florence Nightingale chose nursing as her career, even though the odds were against her. Rosa Parks, a seamstress, was brave enough to be a part of the Civil Rights Movement during a difficult time in the history of the United States. Mary Kay Ash is a more modern hero to women. She started her own cosmetics company and helped other women be successful in that field.

At the end of each day, ask your daughters to share something meaningful that occurred during the day.